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Title: Almost (The Beloved Enemy Remix)
Characters or pairing: Scott (implied Scott/Jean, hints of Charles/Erik)
Rating: PG
Original Fic: Closer, by [ profile] penknife
Written for: Round 6 of [ profile] remixthedrabble

Sometimes, Scott wishes Magneto were around. Almost.

It’s just that he’s started to lose where he ends and Jean begins. They make love, and his desires become hers and hers become his and it all swirls together into this amalgam of them.

“You know I love you,” she had said. And then she ran off to the Professor because he understands her. He understands what it’s like to be a telepath and in love. But no one understands Scott.

Which brings him right back to wishing that Magneto were around because then he’d have someone to understand him too. Almost.


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