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Title: Confessions of an Inanimate Object (The IKEA Remix)
Characters or pairing: mentions of Charles/Erik, Scott/Jean
Rating: G
Original Fic: Moving Furniture, by [ profile] penknife
Written for: Round 6 of [ profile] remixthedrabble

If the couch had a nose, it would have sniffed. “Foisted” off on someone else, indeed. He was a couch with a proud history!

First he had belonged to Charles. Then they had been joined by Erik, in a small apartment in New York. When they had moved to a much larger house he had been relegated to a sitting room, occupied by children. Most recently he had gone to another young couple who lived in the house.

“Foisted” indeed.

Oh well. At least he hadn’t come out of a box like that coffee table with the strange Scandinavian name.


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