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Title: Picture Perfect (The Forgiveness Remix)
Characters or pairing: Lily, Snape
Rating: PG
Warnings: If you found the original slightly creepy, you'll probably find this one slightly creepy too.
Original Fic: Photo Failure, by Janus
Written for: Round 6 of [ profile] remixthedrabble

Hidden in James's Invisibility Cloak, Lily watched, puzzled, as Severus set up a camera in the classroom she had followed him to.

Her puzzlement turned to horror and disgust when he pulled out a vial and a hair. Polyjuice. As she watched his form transform into her own, she willed herself to remain still.

Bracing herself for gross violations of her person she watched, mystified, as he – she? – posed innocently for a photograph. Then she saw the look on his – her? – face as he burned the resulting image.

The next day, she slipped a photo of herself into his bag.


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