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Fandom: Star Trek Reboot
Characters: girl!McCoy/Kirk
Written for [ profile] storydivagirl 's 2009 [ profile] fandom_stocking

"Elizabeth Lenora McCoy! Get your ass out here before I come in there for you!"

The CMO of the Enterprise, more commonly known as Bones, winced from her seat in her office, where she was barricaded behind a mountain of PADDs. There were exactly two people on the ship who could get away with using her full name. The voice shouting was distinctly male, so clearly it was not her best friend and head nurse, Christine Chapel.

With a sigh, she rose and calmly made her way into the main area of Sickbay, affixing a scowl firmly on her face.

"Captain James Tiberius Kirk. And just what did I do to deserve the honor of you screaming like a banshee in my Sickbay?"

Undeterred, the captain of the flagship of the Federation grinned broadly at her and continued bouncing on the balls of his feet, like a small child on Christmas.

"Come one, Bones, you've got to see this!" he said grabbing her hand and tugging her towards the door.

McCoy threw a pleading look over her shoulder, but none of her nurses seemed willing to come to her rescue.

She allowed herself to be led to the lift, where Kirk manually inputted the destination rather than using the normal voice-activated computer. Then he began whistling - off-key, as he always did when he was inordinately proud of himself. McCoy rolled her eyes and huffed but did not comment; it would only encourage him.

"Computer, halt lift," Kirk suddenly ordered. Before she could question him, she felt a soft piece of cloth slip around her face as a blindfold.


"Shhh," he ordered, his breath warm on her ear. "Computer, resume."

She felt the lift move under her again but the blackness was beginning to close in on her. It took all of her self-control not to claw the blindfold off, and just when she thought she couldn't stand it any more, the familiar weight of Kirk's hand on her shoulder steadied her.

She felt herself being gently led off the lift and then she felt the blindfold slacken. She blinked several times, but the scene before her didn't change.

They were in the observation deck, she was sure, but it had been transformed into a moonlit glade. In one corner was a candle-lit dinner, table and chairs cleverly disguised as tree stumps. Trees and Spanish moss were everywhere, and the faint sounds of crickets and frogs was overlaid by softly playing music.

She turned to Kirk, who was standing with an uncharacteristically shy expression on his boyish face.


"Do you like it, Len?"

"You know I do, but - but - why?"

He kissed her softly, and led her over to the table. "Since I can't take you home, I thought I'd bring some home to you. Happy anniversary, love."


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