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Fandom: X Files/Highlander crossover
Characters: Scully, Mulder, unnamed former-Immortal
Written for [ profile] debc 's 2009 [ profile] fandom_stocking

"Dammit, Mulder," she said as she slammed the folders down on the desk, "these autopsy results make no sense!"

He looked up at her over his glasses with a lazy smirk, which only infuriated her further. She glared at him, but he merely raised one eyebrow and continued to hold her gaze calmly.

With an annoyed huff, she blew an errant piece of hair out of her face and began pacing the small hotel room.

"I know we have seen a lot of strange things together, Mulder, some of which even I am hard-pressed to find an explanation for. I'm even willing to concede that there might - might, mind you - be things out there that our current science cannot explain. However, even I can come up with no reason why I should have found no less than five mutually exclusive causes of death for this John Doe."

The chair which Mulder had habitually tilted back suddenly came forward with a thud.

"What?" he choked out. "Scully, the body was found decapitated. Are you telling me that beheading wasn't the cause of death? It occurred post-mortem?"

Now it was her turn to smirk. "Oh, it very well may have been the cause of death. This time."

"This . . . time . . .?"

"In addition to the beheading - which was certainly done while the John Doe was still alive - this man was shot in the heart at two separate times, took some kind of blade wound to the stomach, and had enough scarring in his lungs to inhibit their function by nearly 80%. Mulder, there is no possible way this man should have been alive to be beheaded."

"This may seem like a nit-picky question, but how do you know he was shot in the heart two separate times? Why not a double-tap?"

Scully pulled two small vials out of her coat pocket and held them up. "Because two different bullets were still in him! I'm no ballistics expert, but even I can tell that one of these," she tossed one of the vials to Mulder, "is probably a musket ball."

Mulder held the vial up to the light, fascinated. It was, as his partner said, a musket ball. Or a reproduction of one.

"We need to get these over to a lab so they can tell us if this thing is modern or 18th century," he said in awe.

"What? You think that in addition to being hard to kill, he's over 200 years old?"

Mulder grinned in the way that always made Scully stomach flip-flop. "Why not?" he asked. "That might explain a lot."

Scully shook her head, but didn't say anything. At least this time her partner was willing to wait for scientific evidence before coming to one of his outlandish conclusions. It wasn't much, but it was a start. Maybe she would be a good influence on him yet.


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