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Fandom: X-Men (movie-verse)
Characters: Logan/Rogue
Warnings: Spoilers for X3, language
Written for [ profile] queenmidalah 's 2009 [ profile] fandom_stocking

"Shouldn't you be tellin' me to stay or something?"

The question hung in the air and Logan looked at the scared chocolate eyes in front of him.

"I ain't your father, darlin'." Dear lord, no he wasn't. "Just tell me you're doin' this for yourself and not for some boy." Drake. He wasn't blind, he'd seen the two kids dancing around each other. In a way, he was glad; she needed to get over him, be with someone her own age. Not a washed up, mean as hell cage fighter who was old enough to be her father. Or grandfather.

She dropped her eyes and refused to meet his again, telling him he had hit it spot on.

"Dammit, Marie," he growled and held out a hand to her. She flinched and for a moment he thought she was going to bolt. "C'mere, kid."

Hesitantly, she took his hand and he pulled her into a bear hug, ignoring the stares they were getting from the others passing through the entry-way. She stiffened in his arms, telling him just how infrequently anyone had hugged her since she had been in the school. Fuckin' hell. What the fuck did Scott think he was doing with this girl?

Rogue's face was safely buried in his shirt and the hitching breath and the growing wetness on his chest gave away her attempts to silence her tears. Logan gave a purely internal sigh. Crying females were not something he dealt with by choice. Hell, he usually ran away long before it got to that point. He didn't do this touchy-feely crap.

But this was his Marie and he couldn't let her make a life-altering decision without talking it through first. He was a bastard, but not that much of a bastard. Especially not when it came to Marie. It always came back to her, didn't it? His mind shied away from just how much his world had come to revolve around the girl (woman? Again, his mind skittered away from the implications) in his arms.

He sighed again, this time audibly. "Come with me," he said, and gently guided her by the shoulders towards the stairs and the safety (safe? For whom?) of his room.


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