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M is for Memory
Characters: McCoy
Word Count: 225
Rating: G

It takes him all four years of med school before he can approach a terminal patient without his hands shaking.
It takes him another forty before he forgives himself.

It takes a year at the Academy for him to stop seeing Jocelyn in every glimpse of curly, auburn hair.
It takes two before he stops wishing it was her.

It takes a year and a half out in the black before he stops subconsciously expecting every shake and rattle of the ship to mean their imminent death.
It takes a lifetime and he's never comfortable on a shuttle.

It takes the full five years for him to catalog every allergy that Jim Kirk has.
It takes him another five to come up with a universal vaccine that the captain isn't also allergic to.

It takes him two years of retirement before he admits that he's bored out of his cotton-pickin' mind.
It takes him less than ten minutes of thought before accepting a teaching position at the Academy.

It takes twenty-seven hours of labor before he can successfully delivery Joanna's baby.
It takes less than a second for him to remember what to do with a new born in his arms.

And as he falls in love with his granddaughter, Leonard McCoy thinks for the first time that the memories might just be worth it.


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