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X is for Xenophobic
Characters: Reboot!Kirk
Word Count: 300
Notes: PGish for a couple bad words

Standing in front of a disciplinary committee was not a new experience for Jim Kirk. Standing in front of a disciplinary committee where he was not the one in trouble? That was a new experience.

He tugged at his dress uniform uncomfortably and resisted the urge to shift from foot to foot. The hearing was almost pro forma, as there were multiple recordings of the. . . incident.

Jim always knew that Fitzby was a bigoted asshole, but hadn't realize he was stupid as well. Mouthing off about the Deletian ambassador at the reception celebrating that same world's entry into the Federation was a feat that dwarfed even the stupidest shit Jim had ever pulled. It had taken a great deal of verbal tap dancing and a healthy dose of the Kirk-luck to prevent the Deletians from summarily withdrawing from the Federation all together.

How that man had been allowed to become a Commander, Jim would never understand. But he wouldn't be for long.

". . . and so in conclusion, this panel finds your actions deeply disturbing and unbecoming of a Starfleet officer," the judge magistrate droned on, finally getting to the point. "As a result, this committee hereby demotes you to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade. You are ordered to report to Admiral Moritaka for a two week course of sensitivity training, after which you are to be assigned as a TA for all sections of the Academy's Introduction to Starfleet courses, for the period of two academic years."

Jim tried very hard to keep the smirk off of his face, but from the looks the judge magistrate was giving him, he wasn't really succeeding. It wasn't quite the punch in the face that he had wanted to give to Fitzby, but it would have to do.


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