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Title: Hands
Fandom: Babylon 5
Characters: John/Delenn
Word Count: 205
Rating: G
Spoilers/Warnings: None, fluff?
Notes: Your comment about enjoying people doing things with their hands inspired this. Hope you like it!
Written for [ profile] prettybird's 2010 [ profile] fandom_stocking

John was fascinated by Delenn's hands. They were rarely still, except when she was deep in meditation. And even then, he thought he could see them twitch occasionally, longing to do -- something.

They could be precise, when she was tapping something out on a keyboard, inputting commands into the ship's navigational computer, or when she was recording something in the quick, sharp strokes of the written Minbari language.

They could be stately and elegant, when preforming a ritual or arguing passionately for her position.

And though she hated to use them as such, they could be deadly as well. John would never forget the time he walked in to find Delenn absolutely schooling Marcus with his own denn'bok. When he asked where a member of the religious caste possibly learned to fight like that, Delenn had merely smiled sweetly and pointed out that it wouldn't do for Ranger One to be less trained than her people. John decided right then that Delenn had been spending far too much time with Ivonova.

But what John loved most about Delenn's hands was how they felt when she held his, such an Earthly gesture that meant so much to him.


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