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Title: Legacy
Fandoms: NCIS/Law&Order crossover
Characters: Ziva David, Jamie Ross
Word Count: 711
Rating: G
Spoilers: End of Season 6 “Aftershock” (1996) for Law & Order; End of Season 2 “Twilight” (2005) for NCIS
Notes: Set sometime late 2005/early 2006, during Season 3 for NCIS/Season 16 for L&O
Written for [ profile] h2o's 2010 [ profile] fandom_stocking.

Ziva suppressed a sigh and tried to keep her face professional. Tony had stuck her with the job of interviewing witnesses - again - while he and McGee checked out the actual crime scene. At least she was almost finished. The only person remaining was the guest speaker at the lecture where a gunman had decided to open fire. Judge Jamie Ross had been speaking to a mixed group of military personnel about, of all things, court room security. The irony was astounding.

Fortunately, the judge was calm and collected and gave Ziva all the information she needed, almost before she asked the questions.

“I must say, you are being very calm about all of this,” Ziva said as she made the last notes on her pad.

Ross smiled tightly at her. “I’ve been a lawyer and judge in New York City for almost twenty years. This isn’t the first crime scene I’ve been around. Although I think this is the first time I’ve been a witness.”


“I mostly worked as a defense lawyer, but I had a brief stint as an ADA.”


“Assistant District Attorney, working mostly with Homicide detectives.”

“Wasn’t that strange, suddenly prosecuting the very people you had been defending?” Ziva asked, suddenly curious. She never thought much about the legal process that went on, but the dichotomy of this woman’s career struck her as unusual.

“It was at times,” Ross said, “but what was really difficult was -”

“You done yet, David?” Tony called across the room, interrupted whatever the judge had been going to say.

Ziva rolled her eyes before turning to face Tony. “Nearly done, DiNozzo!” she shouted back.

“Your partner sounds pissed off.”

“I am new and I am Not Kate,” Ziva said with a shrug.

“His previous partner?” Ross asked quietly.

Ziva nodded. “She was shot in the line of duty two months ago.” No need to explain that it was her half-brother who had done the shooting. “They haven’t forgiven me for being her replacement yet.”

“It will take time, believe me, I know.”

Ziva cocked her head, silently asking the question that she could not find her voice for.

“When I stepped into the ADA position, I replace someone who had been killed in a car crash. She was very well liked and respected by both people in the DA’s office and the detectives she worked with. I think it took almost 6 months before Brisco and Curtis really trusted me with one of their cases - and I usually didn’t see them more than once every few weeks. I don’t know if it would have made things harder or easier if I had to work with them every day. It certainly made things harder for Jack.”


“Jack McCoy, Executive ADA, my boss at the time. He was very close with Claire and took her death very hard.”

“So how did you get them to trust you?”

The older woman shrugged. “I just did my job to the best of my abilities and tried not to take it personally when Jack would flinch when I walked into the room, or how Lenny would sometimes look through me rather than at me.” She pinned Ziva with a sharp look, and Ziva could imagine how intimidating this woman could be when starting down from a judge’s bench. “Don’t try to compete with a ghost, Agent David. You will never win. Just remember that it has very little to do with you personally. They are mourning their friend and partner. They would be treating anyone like this. You just have to do your job, grow a thick skin and eventually, maybe they’ll open up to you. That’s when you know they’ve accepted you. They will never forget this Kate of theirs, but they will stop seeing you as her rival.”

“Thank you, Judge Ross,” Ziva said, holding out her hand. “I - appreciate your words. I will try.”

“Good. If you’re ever in New York, look me up. I’d like to hear how things are going,” Ross said, handing over a business card.

Ziva nodded with a smile and walked, with a much lighter step, over to the taped-off area where McGee was crouched by a bullet hole in the floor.


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