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Title: Hope
Author: VelvetMouse
Rating: G
Summary: The Muggle War touches even the lives of the students in Hogwarts.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/N: Well, it started out as a drabble. And then it kind of kept going. Can be read as being in the same universe as The Cabinet War Rooms.


The rustle of robes and the flash of long, dark hair outside the classroom made Alastor Moody jump up from his seat and dash out the door.

“Min! Min!” he called, hoping to catch her before she vanished into the labyrinth of halls. “McGonagall!”

The figure skidded to a halt and spun around. “Moody? What’s going on? I’m going to be late for my meeting with Professor Dumbledore and the Headmaster.”

“Merlin forbid! Because the Head Girl is never late!” Then he sobered. “Have you heard the latest news from the front?”

Minerva shook her head. “I expect that’s some of what this meeting is about.”

“The German army surrendered at Stalingrad. They can be beaten, Min. They can.”

“Oh Merlin,” she breathed and sank down to the floor along the wall, legs and books sprawling in an untidy mess. “I never thought it was possible. Maybe we won’t have to get involved now. Just maybe. . .”

Moody looked down at her sadly. “I wouldn’t count on it, I’m afraid. The Muggles might be able to take care of things if it was just Hitler trying to rule Europe, but with Grindelwald stirring things up too. . .”

Grindelwald. The name alone sent shivers down her spine. “What are we going to do, Moody? How can we possibly defeat him?” The brief surge of exultation she had felt at the news of the German surrender was now quickly replaced with the more familiar despair.

We aren’t,” he said, holding out his hands to his friend. “You are going to go to your meeting with the Headmaster and Professor Dumbledore. And I am going to try to wrangle the Snake Pit into some semblance of order before lights out.”

Minerva accepted the help up with a slight smile and gathered her books. “Thank you, Alastor. I needed that reality check.”

Moody chuckled. “That’s the problem with you, Min. You can never leave well enough alone. You seem determined to solve all the world’s problems yourself. Look out for yourself once in a while.”

“Thus sayeth the Slytherin.”

“Darn right.”

“Speaking of Slytherin traits. . .” Moody raised his eyebrows. “Keep an eye on Tom Riddle for me? There’s something about that boy that I don’t like.”

Alastor nodded. He had his own suspicions about the 5th year. “I’ll try. You must been the only woman in this castle that he’s failed to charm, you know. Even old Brookings simpers when he comes into the library.”

Minerva shuddered. “Never. There’s just something not right with him. Well, that’s for another time. I’ve really got to go now. Thanks, Moody.”

With a friendly nod Alastor disappeared back into the classroom to gather his things, and Minerva took off down the hall again.


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