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Title: B is for Book
Fandom/Characters: Buffyverse, Willow
Rating: G
Words: 200


Willow was not a stupid girl. Her teachers would say she was one of their top students. Her parents, when they deigned to notice their daughter, would nod approvingly.

She was Research Girl, second only to Giles at finding the weird, the obscure, the occult. Second only to Miss Calendar at finding the modern, the hidden, the computerized.

No, Willow was not a stupid girl. Which did not stop her from doing something phenomenally dumb.

She knew that Giles kept some of his rare books locked in the cage in the library. The ones he never let her touch, and only let her read from if he was there, reading over her shoulder at the same time.

Well, screw that. She could handle them. She was Research Girl.

The lock was simple enough to pick, even for a novice like her, and she trembled in excitement as she pulled out the book that had been calling to her.

She could feel power pouring off of it as she stroked the spine, and she felt her body humming in response. Unconsciously, she opened herself up to the book and, unaware of the rest of the world, sat down and began reading.


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