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Recipient: [ profile] a_t_rain, written for the Cats’ Birthday drabblathon, 2006 edition
Prompt: Dumbledore has his portrait painted
Title: A little something
Rating: G
Word Count: 278… er, yeah. Not so much on the strict “100 words” either.

The painting stood, as tradition dictated, in a locked room at Hogwarts. It was sluggish for now, leading a curious sort of double existence, seeing and hearing in two places at once. While it’s subject was still alive, the magic within the frame could not take full effect. Only after the subject’s death would the spell be fully activated.

Perhaps it was because of this sluggishness that what happened next was allowed to happen at all. But then again, perhaps it was the nature of the subject, both living and painted.

Two artists stood before the painting and critiqued it carefully.

“It’s missing something isn’t it?”

“You’re right, old chap. It certainly is. It needs a little something here –”

A few dark lines were added in a magical pigment.

“Much improved!” the first agreed. “But now it needs something else. . .” He trailed off and studied the painting thoughtfully. “Ah ha!”

A few more lines were added, and suddenly the faint sound of bells could be heard.

“Brilliant!” Fred Weasley stuck his hand out and his twin shook it vigorously. “Excellent show, Gred.”

“A masterpiece, Forge.”

They turned to the painting with twin smiles. “You’ve been a wonderful, er, canvas, sir. I hope you enjoy it.”

“You won’t give us away, will you, sir?”

The painting winked over half-moon spectacles, and watched with twinkling eyes as the two artists slipped from the room as quietly as they had come.

He then twirled his newly acquired black handle-bar mustache and shook the outline of a tambourine that now existed in his hand. Oh he was going to enjoy explaining this to his subject when next they chatted.


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