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Title: H is for Headsails
Fandom/Characters: Pirates, Jack
Rating: G
Words: 200


There were those who said (sometimes with admiration, sometimes with derision) that Jack Sparrow could sail a washtub.

He had never actually tested that claim, although given his current circumstances, he would be tempted to try. He hated sailing under someone else. But Barbossa had cheated his way - erm, make that won fair and square - the right to wear the captain's hat (metaphorical, of course. No one touched his hat.) until the next port.

So Jack sighed and went back to resetting the rigging on the headsails, even though he knew (and had told Barbossa) that he'd just be up here re-resetting them as soon as the storm on the horizon blew in. But Barbossa was captain and therefore, by definition, knew best. Right.

Several hours later, the washtub was sounding better and better, if only because it would be his very own washtub. He was, as predicted, re-resetting the headsails, soaked to the bone, and utterly miserable. Even the promise of warm rum in a dry cabin did little to improve his mood.

"And I could sail the damned tub too," he growled at Barbossa as he dropped to the deck and stalked off to the cabin.


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