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Title: N is for Never
Fandom/Characters: Buffyverse, Spike & Giles
Rating: G
Words: 200


The night was raw and damp, unseasonably cold for southern California. It reminded Spike far too much of London, a feeling he despised even as a small part of him yearned for it.

The house glowed invitingly in the fog and he only hesitated a moment before knocking. Giles opened the door and regarded the vampire thoughtfully. "What do you want?" he eventually asked.

Spike had the grace to look sheepish. "Could I trouble you for a cuppa?"

Giles blinked in surprise and then peered out into the night. "Rather nasty out there isn't? A pot of tea would hit the spot, I suppose." A smirk appeared briefly on his lip and he turned towards the kitchen.

"Er, mate?" Spike called after him.

"Oh very well, come in," Giles called over his shoulder.

Ten minutes later, Spike was sprawled out on the couch, communing with a cup of tea. He took a sip and his eyes closed in pleasure.

"This is the real stuff, ain't it?"

"Imported straight from Twinings. The shipping is horrific, but it is far superior to the dreck they sell over here."

"I am never drinking Liptons again," Spike said blissfully, and Giles chuckled in agreement.


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