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Title: The Cat that got the Cream
Rating: G
Pairing/Character(s): Dumbledore, McGonagall
Author’s Notes: Just a little bit of irreverence that pounced on me. And yes, I have seen a cat do this.


Many things in the world made Dumbledore twinkle.

Nearly as many made him smile or chuckle.

There were, however, only a few things that made him let go with a full out belly laugh.

Seeing the normally dignified Minerva McGonagall diving head-long into a bowl of cream was one of them.

She did not merely lap at it. No, she stood spread eagle – er cat – all four paws on the bowl, dropped her head down and guzzled.

Albus laughed heartily as she transformed. Her glare made him laugh harder.

“Minerva,” he managed between gasps, “you have cream on your nose!”


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