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Title: Necessity
Word Count: 100.
Characters/Pairings: Snape, female character of your choosing.
Challenge: The Law
Author’s Notes: I was thinking of Ginny when I wrote this – possibly as a missing scene out of the end of CoS – but it would probably work with any character.

Casting a sterilizing charm over a syringe, Snape drew blood from her arm. The use of human blood was not strictly legal, but he barely gave that a though. He was used to working in the grey areas of legality, and necessity was too strong.

He watched the vial fill with agonizing slowness.

He had enough now. Into the potion, stirring clockwise. Now for the ginger and then simmer for half an hour.

He had not been able to protect her by following the rules. Now he would cheerfully break every law imaginable to save her. She was his necessity.


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