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Title: Study Break
Word Count: 100. (counting Muggle/Wizard as one ;-) )
Characters/Pairings: Ron, Ginny
Challenge: The Law

“Uuurrrggggg. Remind me why I wanted to go to law school again? Let alone do a joint Muggle/Wizard degree?”

“Because you wanted to, and I quote ‘help folks get their lives straight and make a pile of galleons in the process.’ Not my fault you didn’t fully realize the consequences of entering a joint program.”

“You’re heartless.”

“I’m your sister. It’s my job. Now, tell me what you’re working on. Maybe I can help.”

“Help?? Gin, I can barely understand what I’m supposed to be writing about, and I’ve been studying it for two years!”

“Bah, let me try.”

“Gin. . .”


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