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Title: The Letter
Author: VelvetMouse
Challenge: New Beginnings
Characters: Assorted
Rating: G
A/N: This drabble was remixed not once, but TWICE(!!) for the Round 6 [ profile] remixthedrabble:
Begin Again ('The Letter' remix) [Hermione, 100 Words, Rated PG] by [ profile] be_themoon
The Durmstrang Letter (Another Place Remix) [Ron Weasley, 100 Words, Rated G] by [ profile] lilian_cho

For Harry, it was a reprieve from the Dursleys.

For Hermione, it was a chance to start over.

For Albus, it was a opportunity to get away from his brother.

For Remus, it was an unexpected gift.

For Tom, it was a chance to show them all what he could really do.

For Ron and Ginny, it was another place to be overshadowed by their family.

For Draco, it was merely what was expected.

For Lily, it was proof that her sister was right, that she was a freak.

But for each it meant one thing: Hogwarts was now home.


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