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Author: VelvetMouse
Titles: Harry / Ginny / Ron / Snape / McGonagall
Word Count: 100 each
Rating: All G
A/N: Character studies, in their own words. Written in between HBP and DH; AU to DH.

I suppose I am. They keep throwing the past back in my face, like it’s my responsibility. Well, it’s not. I’ve done my part. I helped defeat Voldemort. What more do they want? But now, even ten years later, He won’t leave me alone. Even now He returns from oblivion to haunt me, to become my responsibility again. Why can’t He, why can’t they just leave me alone? I want to live my own life. To be like any other person, to be judged for what I make of myself. To finally be the Boy Who LIVED.

My life certainly has been, with two tall, dark wizards. Good thing Harry and I get along. I seem inexorably linked with him, everywhere I go. I suppose you could say the same of Tom as well. For a few glorious years, I was free of both, flying high and fast, not worrying about anything but the Quaffle. But now it’s time for me to do something for both of them. Time for me to assert myself for who I am. I’m the only one who can do this, it’s because of my link with both of them.

My hip hurts every day. I’ll never run carefree like I used to. But it was a blessing in disguise. I fell from one life into another. My job may not be as spectacular as Bill’s, but I do good work for Gringotts. And, dammit, I earned every letter of the law degree that hangs behind my desk. I have a limp and a cane, a degree and a job, and most of all, a wife. Sometimes I thought we’d never make it. But we have both changed since school. I think I can truly say I’m happy.

I never thought I’d make it this far. If one side didn’t kill me, the other side would. And barring that, I was sure one of the incompetent brats that I teach would finish the job. But against all odds, I am still here. The world has changed, and I find myself grudgingly changing with it. I am discovering that not all of my colleagues are idiots. Occasionally I can have an intellectual discussion with one or two of them. Even a few of my students do not completely disappoint me. Slowly, I adapt to this new world.

I miss Albus every day. The school has seemed a little darker, a little less lively. I am sure none of the students notice it now, I do keep things running smoothly. But I notice. I keep a tin of lemon drops on the desk, just in case. Just in case we were mistaken. But in my heart I know we were not. And so we must keep soldiering on without him. I try to live up to his expectations every day. Some days I succeed, some days I do not. But every day I try. For Albus.


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