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Title: Making Headlines
Fandom: Singin' in the Rain
Characters: Cosmo Brown/Don Lockwood/Kathy Selden
Recipient: [ profile] kinky_kneazle for Yuletide 2013
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~2750
Summary: They made headlines in a Variety of ways.
Notes: The Jazz Singer premiered on October 6, 1927. If we use this date as an anchor point, it is fairly easy to extrapolate a timeline for Singin' in the Rain: The Royal Rascal premiered just before The Jazz Singer came out, probably mid-September 1927, and filming for The Dueling Cavalier begins mid-October. Therefore, the "March 23rd/24th" exchange just prior to the song "Good Mornin'" is clearly 1928, and Don and Kathy (and Cosmo) have been together for about four months. The premiere of The Dancing Cavalier is presumably a few months later - May or June 1928.

Many thanks to B for the beta work!

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