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Title: Riptide (The Tow Me Under Remix)
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters: Elizabeth Swann
Rating: T
Word Count: 1300
Summary: Each word, each whisper, is a link in her anchor chain, tethering her to a life that belongs to some other Elizabeth.
Original Story: Riptide by [ profile] erinya
Notes: Written for Remix Redux 11.

Also known as the Retroactive Canon Compliance Remix - my take on canon anyway! Erinya, I adore the way you write the dynamic between Jack, Elizabeth and Will; my attempt pales in comparison, but I hope it is enjoyable nonetheless.

Riptide (The Tow Me Under Remix) )
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Fandom: PotC
Characters: Elizabeth, James, Will, Jack
Warning: highly AU because I wanted all 4 of them at once :)
Written for [ profile] penknife 's 2009 [ profile] fandom_stocking

"D'you ever miss it?"

James's voice floated across the rooftop. He was stretched out in a hammock, while Elizabeth and Will lounged on a pile of pillows they had brought up from the parlor, to the horror of the housekeeper. Jack flitted between the two and was in charge of replenishing the drinks from the liquor cabinet below.

The usual rivalries and fighting had been suspended in deference to the spirit of the season and the four had decided to spend Christmas at James's large house, because when you got right down to it, they were all bonded closer than family and really, who else would they want to spend a day of good cheer with?

"Miss what?" Elizabeth asked sleepily. The day was fine and they had retired to the roof after a large luncheon.

"Christmas in jolly ol' England, snow everywhere, the smell of pine trees and a crackling fire."

"Mm, not any more. I did the first few years after we came here, but I think I was missing mother more than anything."

"I don't," Will said definitively. "The snow was pretty at first, but mum wouldn't ever let me go out and play in it, especially not at Christmas."

"Well, I don't know about England, but I remember one Christmas in Philadelphia. . ." Jack began.

James rolled his eyes at the amusing-but-certainly-embellished tale that the pirate told, but then he lay back in the hammock and smiled. This, certainly, was what Christmas was supposed to be about.
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Your remix's title: No Other (The Faithfulness Remix)
Characters or pairing: Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann
Rating: PG
Warnings and/or spoilers: slut!Elizabeth, voyeur!Jack
Original Fic: Competition, by [ profile] lilfluffykitten
Written for Round 7 of [ profile] remixthedrabble
Pirates of the Caribbean: No Other (The Faithfulness Remix), for lilfluffykitten )
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Title: Five Lives Elizabeth Swann Never Lived (Except When She Did) (The Quantum Leap Remix)
Author: [personal profile] velvetmouse
Summary: Elizabeth has never been one to let a silly little thing like reality get in her way.
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairings: Elizabeth/various
Rating: PG
Word Count: 7,981
Spoilers and/or Warnings: Spoilers for all three movies, won't make much sense if you haven't seen them; various character deaths
Title, Author and URL of original story: Five Things That Never Happened To Elizabeth Swann by [ profile] soda_and_capes
Notes: A huge thank you to my beta, [ profile] sherylyn for venturing into the unknown territory of a new fandom with me.

Five Lives Elizabeth Swann Never Lived (Except When She Did) (The Quantum Leap Remix) )


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