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Title: W is for Whenever
Fandom/Characters: Star Trek: TNG, Guinan
Rating: G
Words: 200


A "race of listeners" she had told the crew of the Enterprise. A partial truth, at best. A race of observers was closer, but even that was a flat, two-dimensional description of what she was.

She watched. She listened. She learned. She observed. But more than anything, she noticed. She gave meaning to things by acknowledging their existence.

Early in their history, humans had stumbled across the idea that words held power, that Naming something gave it power. They realized the fundamental connection between Naming and Existence. Even later in their history, when their ideas of magic took second place to their ideas of science, they held onto the underlying concept that observing something fundamentally changed it. They never realized how close to the truth they were.

But Guinan did. That was her reason for being, after all. To stand outside of time and acknowledge the whole of existence, to ensure that it would never cease to be. And that was why she was so fundamentally opposed to Q, who could unmake things with merely a thought. He could undermine her whole purpose if he chose. But he didn't. And wouldn't. Not if she had anything to say about it.


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