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Title: Unexpected
Authort: [ profile] velvetmouse
Gift for: [ profile] turkeyish in the Spring 2009 [ profile] hp_spring_fling exchange
Character(s): Harry, Ginny, Lavender, Charlie
Rating: Only Naughty If You Squint (PGish)
Word-count: 5,651 sayeth Word
Warnings: Semi compliant with the Epilogue, but only in so far as Harry and Ginny are concerned.
Summary: She was the last person I ever expected to see there
Author's Notes: Thanks for giving me the chance to work with a combination of characters that I never ever would have thought of! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And thanks for posting that rec list on your lj so I know why you even thought of Charlie/Lavender in the first place! ;-)
Betas: the always amazing [ profile] sherylyn

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