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Title: It's the Walks That'll Kill Ya
Author: [personal profile] velvetmouse
Exchange/Recipient: Yuletide 2012 for [personal profile] kristin
Fandom: Mets Broadcasters RPF
Characters: Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, Keith Hernandez, and Kevin Burkhardt. Also featuring Keith's Mustache, as itself.
Rating: G
Warnings: Pure, utter crack.
Word Count: ~3450
Summary: When the zombie apocalypse comes to CitiField, it's up to the Mets' broadcast team to figure out how to stop it. Turns out, the answer is right under their nose.
Notes: many many thanks to [ profile] hhertzof for the beta, and my husband for the encouragement and not minding the four weeks when I would randomly start giggling madly and dive for my computer/ipad/napkin to write down what I had just thought of.
It's the Walks That'll Kill Ya )


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