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Your remix's title: No Other (The Faithfulness Remix)
Characters or pairing: Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann
Rating: PG
Warnings and/or spoilers: slut!Elizabeth, voyeur!Jack
Original Fic: Competition, by [ profile] lilfluffykitten
Written for Round 7 of [ profile] remixthedrabble

Jack watches in bemusement as Elizabeth works her way through the ship with the skill of a professional whore. Or possibly a society lady. It's been so long since Jack has been in "proper" society that he's forgotten the difference.

He watches as she flutters her eyelashes and swishes her skirt for Barbossa, promising submission Jack knows she'll never really show. Barbossa falls for it, though, and Jack has no desire to enlighten him that the kitten he bedded is really a tigress.

Poor Will Turner was wrapped around Elizabeth's finger before they even got this far, Jack knows, so it's no great surprise that the boy crumples at the first coquettish smile. What does surprise him is how strong the boy's hold is on arcane concepts like "honor" and "duty"; it takes three days before Elizabeth finally drags him below the deck.

Jack watches as even the stoic James Norrington is brought to his knees - literally, in one shadowed corner of the hold - by Elizabeth's flirtations and empty promises.

He watches as she wreaks havoc with his crew, only his steady presences preventing bloodshed, as each man seeks to claim her for himself.

Jack's amusement only grows when she tries to turn her charms on him. She flirts, and he bares his teeth in a mockery of a smile. She rubs against him, like a cat, and he merely caresses the wheel of the ship instead. Her eyes narrow and he knows she is plotting a way to make him transfer that caress to her instead.

He won't tell her that at sea, he has but one mistress. He caresses the smooth wood of the wheel again, and whispers tender words to the ship below his feet. The Pearl is his freedom and his anchor, and he will remain faithful to her. No others can compete.


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