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Written for the prompt "Remus/Tonks early in their aquaintance, prior to the whole, 'too old, too poor' stuff. Just hangin' at Grimmauld Place."


"Oh I don't know, Padfoot, I think it gives me a distinguished air."

"Distinguished is not the word I would have chosen, Moony. Tell him, Dora."

Tonks looked up from her magazine at the sound of her cousin's voice. When Moody had told her he had some people he wanted her to meet earlier in the summer, being reintroduced to her supposedly mass-murdering cousin was not what she had expected. But after all the shouting and explanations had finished, she was thrilled to reconnect with Sirius. She had vague memories of him visiting when she was younger, always having time or a sweet for her.

"Tell who what, Siri?"

"Tell this idiot," he gestured to Remus who had followed him into the room, "that the - the - thing - on his upper lip cannot be considered a mustache and certainly doesn't make him look distinguished!"

Tonks giggled and unabashedly studied Remus, who colored slightly under her frank gaze. "I think it's kind of cute," she replied.

"Bah!" Sirius exclaimed, throwing his hands up in the air. "Betrayed! Betrayed by my own kin, I tell you!" he cried, and threw himself in an armchair in a way that would have made his mother scream like a banshee.

"Thank you, Tonks. I always knew you had better taste than the mutt," Remus replied politely as sat down next to her in a far more controlled manner.

"Hey, now! I'm not sure that can be considered a compliment!" she complained with a sparkle in her eyes.

"True. It doesn't take much to achieve that, does it?"

"Oi! You don't have to talk about me like I'm not here you know!" Sirius pouted.

"Oh go chase your tail, Siri!" Tonks admonished. Practically before she finished speaking, she found herself being mercilessly attacked by a very wet dog's tongue while Remus slid to the floor in helpless laughter.


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