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Fandom: Eddings (Belgariad/Mallorean)/PotC crossover
Characters: Silk & Jack


"It's all about the game, really," Silk said confidentially, taking another swig of rum.

"Ab-so-hic-lutely!" Jack agreed. "The game, the chase, the thrill of the hunt."

"Coins are just a way of keeping score. Back home, I have a lot of coins."

"Good on you, mate. I tend to keep score by how many ships I've sunk, but it amounts to the same thing, really. To victory!"

"To victory!" Silk echoed and they clanked their bottles together. He took another drink and tugged on his nose thoughtfully. "So if we're winners in this game of ours, how does that explain why we're stuck here on this little island with a stash of rum, while Liselle and 'lizabeth are off running around with your boat?"

"Ship," Jack corrected absently. "And it doesn't. You see, mate, women have a different set of rules. And they change them when you're not looking."

Silk nodded sagely. That made perfect sense of course. He always knew Liselle was cheating, and said as much.

"Lizzy too," Jack agreed. "Awfully good at what they do, though."

"I'll drink to that."

And so they did.


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