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Title: Purity
Character(s): Winona Kirk
Rating: G
Word Count: 320
Prompt: "she's gotta break out of here"
Written the daily theme of "hopes and fears" on [ profile] comment_fic.
Remixed into Old Home Ground (The Now and Then Remix) by BrighteyedJill for RemixRedux9

The air is refreshing and pure, filtered three times a day. The grass is green. Smells of earth and crops and baking bread, good clean smells all of them, assault her nose.

Winona can’t stand it. The sheer wholesomeness of it all makes her skin crawl, and she stomps one foot angrily on the grass. Behind her, the Iowa farm house glows with a soft light, a beacon in the darkness. Resolutely, she turns away from it and looks up again.

The velvety blackness is dotted with hundreds of pinpricks of light, and Winona knows each one by name. Both the Starfleet designations and the older, fanciful names given to the constellations.

The sky no longer holds the same kind of dread it did before. She can finally look up again without her stomach and heart clenching painfully. She takes a deep breath of the night air and longs for the slightly stale, slightly metallic taste of a starship.

A shriek from the house, followed closely by a crash, jolts her out of her contemplation, and Winona turns to find what disaster her two hellions have created this time.

It is not until hours later, when both boys are tucked into their beds, that her thoughts return to the sky. Before she can hesitate, before she can second- third- or fourth-guess herself, she heads to the comm link and punches in a once familiar code.

Moments later, the red and gold of an Admiralty uniform fill the screen.

“Winona? Is everything alright? I didn’t expect to hear from you.” Didn’t expect you to come back to us, is the unspoken thought.

Winona takes a deep breath of the too-clean air and lets it back out again, sending with it all of her fear and guilt.

“I know, Admiral, but I need to get out of here. It’s killing me, being grounded like this. I need to come back.”


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