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Title: By the Light of the Moon
Author: [personal profile] velvetmouse
Recipient: [ profile] isabeau
Fandom: Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar
Rating: PG
Characters: Rolan, other Companions
Warning(s): AU. Very very AU. And more than a little creepy.
Summary: Most rumors have a core of truth to them.
Notes: Isabeau asked for a Dark!Valdemar AU. I hope everyone enjoys this, because I know I creeped myself out when writing it!

Written for Yuletide Madness 2010

By the Light of the Moon )
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Fandom: Lackey's Valdemar/X-Men crossover
Characters: Tarma, Keth, Warrl & Logan

The creature lay unmoving in the small clearing in the stand of trees. It was fortunate it was not winter, or Tarma would have worried about it (him?) freezing to death. But as it was late spring, predators - four legged and two - were the biggest concern.

"Changechild?" she quietly asked her partner.

"Hmm," Kethry replied, a frown marring her normally cheerful face. "I would say yes - there is something decidedly animalistic about this one - but there is no trace of magic at all."

"None at all? Strange, this close to the Peligars."

:None, Mindmate,: Warrl confirmed. :It is as if he has never been exposed to magic. At least not as we know it.:

The creature moaned, cutting off further discussion. With silent hand signals, Tarma sent Kethry and Warrl out of sight. Tarma leaned against a tree and waited for the creature to awaken.

The creature groaned again and half propped himself up on his elbows. "Ugh, did anyone catch the number of the truck that just ran me over?" he asked, shaking his head as if trying to clear it.

Tarma was mildly surprised that she could understand him, but replied in the same common trade tongue. "I know not of what you speak, stranger, but if you are in need of assistance, I shall provide what I can."

Faster than Tarma could believe, she found herself pinned against the tree by three wicked-looking daggers, one on either side of her neck, one just barely touching her throat. She blinked once, her only sign of surprise. Then in another heartbeat, Tarma's own dagger was at the stranger's throat.

"See, I can do that too," she said coldly. "Although mine are not attached. Tell me, do you find it to be a great advantage, having your daggers embedded into your hand?"

With a snort that Tarma suspected was a sign of amusement, the stranger stepped back, and she watched in fascination as the blades retreated into his hand and the cuts rapidly healed.

"Occasionally," he replied. "Sure beats having them out of reach when I need them. Does make them tough to throw, though."

The corner of Tarma's mouth twitched. "Shall we try introductions again, this time without the edged weaponry? I am Tarma shena Tale'sedrin, Swordsworn of the Warrior. Not that I expect that to mean anything to you."

"Huh. Name's Logan. And you're right, it doesn't mean anything to me. Why don't you ask the other two to come out here so we can all be properly introduced."

"I'm impressed, Mr. Logan," Kethry said, stepping back into the clearing. "Most people would not have detected our presence. I am called Kethry."

"'m not most people," Logan replied with a shrug, eying the mage with faint curiosity.

:No, you are not, warrior,: Warrl said, appearing at Tarma's side. :I am known as Warrl.:

To his credit, Logan seemed to be barely phased by the kyree. He merely gave Warrl a hard look and then muttered "Great, another damned telepath," mostly under his breath.

"I am impressed, sir," Tarma said with a chuckle. "Most people react to our strange little group much more than you have."

Logan gave her another long, considering stare. "One of my fr- someone I know is 6 feet tall, weighs 400 pounds and is covered in bright blue fur. Another can shoot lasers out of his eyes," he finally said in an off-hand manner. "My definition of 'weird' ain't what most peoples is." He paused and looked around. "So you wanna tell me where the hell 'here' is and how I got here?"

After a quick glance at Keth and a brief mind-touch with Warrl, Tarma smiled. "If you will come back to our camp with us, we will see about answering all of your questions. I suspect that for every one we answer, it will generate three more."

"Isn't that how it always works?" Logan asked sourly. "Lead on, then, warrior."
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Fandom: Lackey's Valdemar/Babylon 5 crossover
Characters: Kerowyn & Susan Ivanova

Kero tugged at the collar of her uniform in annoyance and tried once again to do something with her hair that both looked professional and kept it out of the way.

"Whatever man decided that these uniforms needed a highneck stiff collar obviously never had to brush the snarls out from the hair at the base of his neck," came a sardonic voice from the doorway.

Kero paused with her hands above her head and gave a quick nod of acknowledgment. "Commander."


"Is there something I can help you with, Susan?" Kero asked around a mouth full of hair pins.

"I just came to see if you needed any help getting ready. Delenn had to help me into this monstrosity, so I thought you might need some help yourself," Susan said with a distasteful look at her own elaborate uniform.

"Well, it's not quite as bad as some of the high court gear I've had to wear at times, but it was certainly a challenge. Did you manage to get anyone to explain to you why they're dressing us up like dolls for this. . . ceremony?" Kero asked, practically spitting out the last word.

Susan sighed and made a face. "Diplomatics. The Iffali are extraordinarily grateful for our assistance and wish to show it. Therefore it would be 'impolitic, impolite and a damned bad idea' not to let them show their gratitude."

"A direct quote from Captain Sheridan, I take it?"

"Of course." Then Susan gave a wicked grin, one of the few true smiles Kero had seen from the other woman. "But I think we get our revenge - if you think our uniforms are bad, you should see what they're making the men wear. Delenn said John was trying to figure out which end was up on his when she left. And -"


"Part of the ceremony involves a mock sword-fight between the Captain and the Iffali leader."

Kero's eyes sparkled. Suddenly this ceremony didn't seem quite so bad.

"I think it's about time we showed the gentlemen what a proper entrance looks like, don't you?"
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Since the 2009 [ profile] yuletide author reveals are now up, I can post this:

Title: Surprise and Negotiation
Fandom: Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar universe
Author: [personal profile] velvetmouse
Gift for: [ profile] inlovewithnight
Rating: G
Word Count: 3360
Characters: Kerowyn, Tarma, Warrl
Summary: Kerowyn enters another phase of her training with Tarma. But, as always, things don't quite go as planned...
A/N: Many many thanks to my betas, Mari and Maat, who patiently beat me over the head until I followed their suggestions, thus making this story a hundred times better than it was originally.

Surprise and Negotiation )


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