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Written for the prompt "McGonagall, Sprout, and Hooch on tea break in the teachers' lounge, complaining about: a. Dumbledore; b. students; c. another teacher."


Pomona Sprout collapsed into a chair with an un-graceful thump.

"Remind me again why I ever thought becoming a teacher would be a good idea?"

"Because the alternative was to marry whatshisname and you had too much sense to do that?" a voice above her replied. Pomona opened her eyes to find a cup of tea levitating in front of her.

"Oh bless you, Rolanda," she replied and grasped the tea cup, letting the warmth soak into her aching hands. "On days like this I wonder if becoming Mrs. George Whitterby might not have been the safer choice."

"What happened?" Minerva asked, looking up from the pile of parchment she was grading.

"Miss Jessie Laband happened. I love that girl dearly, but Hufflepuff or not, I will be thrilled when she no longer has to take Herbology."

Minerva raised her eyebrows. "That bad?"

Pomona closed her eyes and shuddered at the memory of chasing down three dozen leaping toadstools. "That bad. The girl is as bad at Herbology as Longbottom is good."

"Don't let Severus hear you say that," Rolanda comment with a chuckle. "I've already been treated to three rants this week about the incompetence of Longbottom and the idiocy of Potter."

"That man," Minerva spat, "wouldn't acknowledge talent in a Gryffindor if his life depended on it."

Whatever Pomona might have replied was cut off by the wall calendar chiming loudly.

"Oh what now?" Rolanda groaned and went to check the calendar. "Merlin save us," she swore. "Albus has called another staff meeting. That's the fifth one in the last two weeks!"

She and Pomona turned to the Deputy Headmistress.

Minerva held up her hands in frustration. "Don't look at me, ladies. I'm finding out about these when you are." She gathered her papers with a sigh. "I suppose we should be off and find out what nonsense Albus is inflicting on us this time."

"Fine," Pomona replied, heaving herself to her feet. "But I give you fair warning now, Minerva - if he tries to make us do any more of those 'team building' exercises, I shall walk out the door and lock myself in greenhouse two until the spring!"
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Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Lupin, McGonagall
Written for [ profile] tree_and_leaf 's 2009 [ profile] fandom_stocking

It was the quiet time between Christmas and New Years, the few students remaining in the castle were firmly ensconced in their common rooms and the entire staff had breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Remus had taken his marking to the staffroom, needing to get work done but no longer able to stand the confines of his rooms. He got halfway through his stack before the sound of the door opening made him blink and look up.

"Diligent as ever, I see," a familiar Scottish brogue commented, and Remus turned to smile at his former Head of House.

"How are you finding your first term of teaching?" she asked, taking the seat next to him.

"Quite well, Professor," he responded with a smile.

McGonagall made a tsk-ing sound. "Nah, Remus, we're colleague now. You must call me Minerva."

"I'll try, Pr-Minerva."

"There you go, lad. But I do understand," she said conspiratorially, "it took me over a decade before I could call Albus by his name. So tell me about your term," she requested in a more normal tone.

Remus smiled and complied, basking in the sense of warmth and belonging.
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Author: VelvetMouse
Titles: Harry / Ginny / Ron / Snape / McGonagall
Word Count: 100 each
Rating: All G
A/N: Character studies, in their own words. Written in between HBP and DH; AU to DH.
Harry )
Ginny )
Ron )
Snape )
McGonagall )
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Title: All You Need is Love
Word Count: 100.
Characters/Pairings: Minerva McGonagall, Alastor Moody
Challenge: Miscommunication
Author’s Notes: Appologies to the Beatles for the title.

“He never knew,” she sobbed. Her normally unflappable composure had been shattered. “He never knew because I gave him the wrong stupid address for restaurant!”

“It’ll be okay, Min. Really. I promise.”

“No, Moody, it won’t. He thinks I stood him up, abandoned him, like everyone else in his life.”

“I know you love him, but you’ve got to let him go. Even you can’t save him. He’s headed down a dark path, that one is.”

Minerva sighed. “Maybe you’re right. But I can’t help wonder how Tom would have reacted if he knew at least one person loved him.”
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Title: The Cat that got the Cream
Rating: G
Pairing/Character(s): Dumbledore, McGonagall
Author’s Notes: Just a little bit of irreverence that pounced on me. And yes, I have seen a cat do this.


Many things in the world made Dumbledore twinkle.

Nearly as many made him smile or chuckle.

There were, however, only a few things that made him let go with a full out belly laugh.

Seeing the normally dignified Minerva McGonagall diving head-long into a bowl of cream was one of them.

She did not merely lap at it. No, she stood spread eagle – er cat – all four paws on the bowl, dropped her head down and guzzled.

Albus laughed heartily as she transformed. Her glare made him laugh harder.

“Minerva,” he managed between gasps, “you have cream on your nose!”
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Title: Hope
Author: VelvetMouse
Rating: G
Summary: The Muggle War touches even the lives of the students in Hogwarts.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/N: Well, it started out as a drabble. And then it kind of kept going. Can be read as being in the same universe as The Cabinet War Rooms.

Hope )


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