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Title: Looking Forward and Back
Author: VelvetMouse
Challenge: Bow
Characters: Victor Krum
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
A/N: Just reread GoF and this asked to be written. It’s one meaning of the word I don’t think we’ve seen yet. :)

Victor stood on the bow of the ship as it skimmed through the waters of the North Sea.

His group of Durmstrang students was in turmoil. Their headmaster had vanished and they all looked to him. Famous Victor, strong Victor, grown-up Victor.

He stoically shouldered the burden, trying to look ahead, reaching their home and relative safety.

He resolutely did not look behind him. The temptation to turn around to Hogwarts, to a strong headmaster, to a wizard who understood the burden of fame and to a remarkable witch who saw him as he was, would have been too great.


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