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Fandom: Babylon 5
Characters: Sinclair/Sheridan/Delenn (sorta)
Warning: A wee bit cracky; spoilers for War Without End (both parts)
Written for [ profile] azarsuerte 's 2009 [ profile] fandom_stocking

They hung in a timeless void. Part of her mind shrieked at the lack of breathable gases, but as soon as the thought registered, it was muffled, blanketed by a soft fog so as not to disturb her.

"I was," said the man to her right. (But how can sound travel in a void? the traitorous part of her mind asked. Again she felt the soft, enveloping fog. Never mind, it didn't matter.)

"I am," she replied.

"I shall be," concluded the man to her left.

She smiled as they joined hands, forming a circle of One-ness. For the first time she was complete. For the first time she was whole.

Yes, the man on her right agreed gravely, and she realized their thoughts were now (had always been? Would ever be?) joined.

? . . . ! She felt the confusion from the man on her left, and then acceptance and surprise. Then the warm laughter, warm like caramel (caramel? Ah, an Earth confection) resonated through her being.

I feel I should apologize, Delenn. A lady of your stature deserves better than to be stuck with two old soldiers like us.

Am I not, too, a soldier, in my own way, Jeffrey?

Stronger than either of us, Jeff, that's for sure.

They all smiled and reveled in their One-ness. Then she felt a faint tugging.

We must return, John, she said sadly. They would not be complete again for a very long time.

She let go of the man on her right, but clung to the one on her left.

"We will miss you, Jeff. We're not complete without you."

"I know. But it must be. I am the past. You two are the present and future."

"And in the void of the stars, where time has no meaning, we are One forever," she said confidently.

They hung there in the void, two-and-one-but-still-One, and all was well.


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