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Fandom: NCIS/Babylon 5 crossover
Characters: Susan Ivanova & Ziva David

"Well, I think that just about covers every possibility, don't you?" Sheridan asked, looking around the table.

"No." The response was oddly stereo, and it took him a minute to realize that it had come from the two women sitting on each side of him.

"Commander? Agent David? You have something to add?"

Ivanova shrugged. "We haven't even mentioned the possibility of telepathic spies, alien technology, spontaneous combustion - "

"Natural disasters, weapons malfunctions, bribery or misunderstand," David picked up right where Susan had left off.

"Did you two rehearse that or something?" Garibaldi asked, bemused.

Ziva David rolled her eyes. "It is merely common sense. I try to operate on the theory that if I can think of it, it could happen. That goes doubly for ways in which a plan could go wrong." Ivanova nodded in agreement.

"Are you two always this pessimistic?" Franklin asked.

Ivanova shrugged. "I am Russian, we don't do optimism," she replied, at the same time David said "I'm Israeli, we have a lot of experience with things going wrong."

Sheridan merely dropped his head into his hands and whimpered quietly.


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