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Title: Inexplicable
Fanom: Inception
Characters: Team (with a faint hint of Ariadne/Cobb)
Rating: G (unless you have a problem with bras, then I guess PG?)
Word Count: 890
Prompt: Ariadne does the old 'taking off your bra under your shirt' trick, while talking with the guys. They are amazed and try to figure it out. Arthur starts to try to draw diagrams to figure it out. Eames puts a bra on under his shirt but cannot understand how she did it. Yusef is all 'she's a witch!' Cobb? He just thinks it's kind of hot. for Round 7 of [ profile] inception_kink

“- is quite fond of golfing, so I thought we might - “ Arthur broke off as Ariadne entered their workspace (a loft this time, thankfully, rather than another warehouse), but she motioned for him to keep going.

“I thought we might make the first level be a dinner at his club,” he continued as Ariadne slung her suit jacket over the back of a chair and sat down heavily. Cobb gave her a sympathetic smile, and Eames picked up one of her feet, deftly undid the buckle of her pumps and began massaging the bottom of her foot.

Fighting back a groan of pleasure, Ariadne shook her head slightly and realized that Arthur had asked her something. “Sorry, what?”

“I was merely asking how your day went, but from your blissed out expression at one of Eames’s less-than-adequate foot rubs, I imagine I can guess the answer,” Arthur said solemnly, although the corners of his mouth were twitching furiously.

“Long,” she replied. “Very very long. And I owe an apology to my cousin Katie.”

“Oh?” Cobb asked.

“I’ve spent the past six months listening to her bitch about her job as an exec assistant,” she explained. “I’ve heard about every single task she’s been asked to do, the types of personalities she has to work with, and how she knows more about her boss than she ever wanted to - right down to the brand of shampoo he prefers.” As she talked she retrieved her foot from Eames, undid her other shoe and began padding around the loft in her stocking feet. “Which turned out to be far more useful than I ever expected it to be, since that is exactly the position that Mr. McCabe is looking to hire right now.”

Absently, she untucked her shirt and undid the top button. “So I went in for the ‘interview’ this morning. I spent about two hours with HR, filling out paperwork - and thank you, Arthur, for giving Mary Sheldon an easy-to-remember social security number - and doing the general so why do you want this job? stuff.” She reached one hand behind her back and up her shirt and undid the clasp of her bra. “Then I spent another two hours with Denise Jacobs, Mr. McCabe’s second in command. After that, I had lunch with the rest of the senior level exec assistants, and then finally after lunch I got to meet the man himself.” Deftly, she slipped the straps of her bra down her arms and pulled her arms through them. “Arthur, you’ll be glad to know that your research seems to hold up in the face of reality. That man is a total professional. Never once looked at me inappropriately. And I tried to provoke him a couple times, too.” Finally, she reached up her shirt and pulled out her bra with a sigh of relief, and lay it on top of her jacket. “So I think we can count on him being something of a stick - “ she continued, but then trailed off when she realized everyone was staring at her.

“What? Did I totally smudge my makeup or something? Guys? You’re starting to scare me.”

“But you - and then - but how?” Yusuf spluttered.

Eames looked just as perplexed. “But how did you do that?” he asked.

Arthur was simply studying her like she was suddenly a new puzzle he had to figure out.

Bewildered, Ariadne turned to Cobb who was the only one not looking at her like she had suddenly grown a second head. Although his eyes held. . . something . . . not usually present. “Do you have any idea what they’re talking about?”

“I think, that for all their bragging, these gentlemen have never seen a woman take a bra off in public before,” he said dryly. “Or at least never without her taking her shirt off first.”

Ariadne’s expression changed from incredulous to amused and she bit her cheek to keep from laughing. She turned back to the three gentlemen in question, to find that Arthur was furiously sketching something on his notepad and Yusuf was muttering things about “witch powers” and “charms” to himself. Eames had, inexplicably, pulled a second bra from somewhere, put it on, and was in the process of trying to remove it without taking his shirt off. Ariadne decided she just didn’t want to know.

Instead, she turned back to Cobb. “And you? You don’t seem to have been rendered inoperative by it.”

He shrugged. “Mal did it frequently. Said she couldn’t be bothered to take her shirt all the way off.” Ariadne was please to see that while the hurt was still there when he mentioned Mal, there was warmth there as well. “I always though it was kind of cool,” he said with a half smile.

She smiled back and met his eyes. For just a moment the warmth in them flared into pure heat. She felt her own face flush in response, but forced herself not to turn away. Instead she smiled more broadly and let the rest of the room fall away until there was nothing except a building electricity between them.

Then Eames swore loudly and the moment was broken. Ariadne laughed and returned to her seat and Cobb tried to refocus the team on the task at hand.


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