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Title: R is for Ready-Room
Fandom/Characters: ST:TNG, Beverly Crusher
Rating: G
Words: 200


She caught herself mid shirt-tug and let her hands drop. That was his move. She scowled at her reflection on the polished desk and moved out from behind it. Less confrontational that way. She remembered him teaching her that. He'd taught her many things about command, more than he realized. She would need everyone of those tricks if - no. Stop that thought. They would rescue the Captain and the others still on the Borg planet.

The door to the ready-room chimed, and she smoothed her face into a neutral mask. "Enter," she said firmly, just as he always did.

The eager face of Ensign Taitt appeared in the doorway. Did we ever look that young? she wondered, as she allowed her face to relax into a genuine smile.

"Come in, Ensign. I just wanted to congratulate you again. The solar erruption was very well planned and executed. I'll be putting an official commendation in your file."

"Thank you, sir."

"Welcome to the Enterprise, Ensign. Keep it up, and you'll do just fine here."

The smile left her face as soon as she was alone in the room, however, and Beverley wished again for the room's usual occupant to return.


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