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Title: Home At Last
Words: 100
Character: Ginny
Challenge: Free Week
A/N: What if Harry wasn’t the only one to have an argument with the Sorting Hat?

Remixed into Green And Silver (Home Is Where The Heart Is Remix) by [ profile] eustaciavye for the 2012 Remix Madness.


She was in the wrong house and knew it.

Why the Sorting Hat had put her in Gryffindor after such a display of cowardice, she had yet to figure out. But at age eleven she was too cowardly to go against family tradition, and so she acquiesced.

For seven years she suppressed her first instincts, playing the selfless lioness.

Her first act after graduation was to buy herself a new robe.

Standing in the dressing room, she admired the way the green fabric fell and how the silver trim highlighted her figure. She was in her true colors at last.


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