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Title: De Bello Imminenti
Word Count: 100.
Characters/Pairings: Hermione
Challenge: 100

Hermione surveyed the field below her. Row after row of wizards stretched in the sunlight, as far as she could see. This was her army now.

The battle had gone on long enough, nearly a century after it started. Below her, squad commanders barked orders like Roman centurions.

She allowed herself a brief smile. Not quite a full Roman legion, but they would do. Several hundred men and women ready to fight to the death for her, for the magical standards bearing Hogwart’s crest, for the wizarding world.

Iacta alea est,” she said to the wind. “Merlin help us all.”

Author’s Notes: The title meaning “About the Impending War”; the quote Hermione uses is from Suetonius’s “Life of Caesar” and is translated as “The die is cast.” This is supposedly (very supposedly, given that this is Suetonius writing…) what Julius Caesar said before crossing the Rubicon. It has come to mean “there’s no turning back now.”


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