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Title: Time Enough (The One Left Behind Remix)
Fandom: Inception
Characters: Arthur/Dom, Mal
Rating: T
Work Count: ~1200
Summary: He knows he shouldn't press, but his curiosity has always been his downfall.
Original Work: Woke Up a Fraud by [ profile] coricomile
Notes: Thanks to C for the beta!

Time Enough (The One Left Behind Remix) )
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Title: What Dreams May Come (The BWV 140 Remix)
Fandom: Harry Potter/Fairy Tales
Characters: Snape, Hermione, Harry, Draco
Rating: T
Word Count: ~2000
Summary: Sleep is a luxury that you don't miss until it's gone.
Original Work: The Death of Each Day's Life by [ profile] sophia_sol
Notes: The title is, of course, from Hamlet's famous speech in Act III, Scn. 1. The funky remix subtitle is better known as Bach's Wachet auf, or, Sleepers Wake.
The idea for this whole thing came from reading through [personal profile] sophia_sol's journal and seeing that a) she, like me, started this whole fandom thing in the SS/HG corner of Harry Potter fandom and b) she had some very interesting ideas about fairy tales in the Harry Potter universe.

What Dreams May Come (The BWV 140 Remix) )
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Title: A Quiet Interlude (The Standing on a Precipice Remix)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Lily, Sirius
Rating: G
Word Count: ~1900
Summary: There were some questions Lily wasn't willing to face, even as an adult.
Original Work: Here Is No Place by [ profile] schmevil
Notes: Many many thanks to my betas, [ profile] sherylyn and [ profile] inkvoices

A Quiet Interlude (The Standing on a Precipice Remix) )
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Title: The Maze of Solitude (The Natural 20 Remix)
Fandom: Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon
Characters: pretty much everybody
Rating: G
Word Count: ~1900
Summary: Sometimes one may accomplish what many cannot.
Original Story: The Maze of Solitude by [ profile] hhertzof
Notes: In a tabletop gaming system that uses 20-sided dice, like Dungeons & Dragons, a "natural 20" is a perfect success, scoring a twenty with one die, without any modifications to the result. It generally means that whatever action was taken will have the best possible outcome, no matter how improbable.

The Maze of Solitude (The Natural 20 Remix) )
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Title: Narration
Fandom/Character: Little Women/Beth
Rating: G
Word Count: 250

Written for comment fic at [ profile] littlewomen_fic


She always knew she was different than her sisters. They all seemed to want to do things. Jo was the very definition of action, and Amy had her grand dreams of Europe and art. Even Meg,though more conservative in her dreams than her sisters, still had ambitions of a home and family.

But not Beth. She was content to watch and listen and observe. Her own role eluded her until one day when Jo was reading one of her stories out loud.

Somewhere in the midst of Edward valiantly wooing Charlotte, Beth realized where she fit in. She was the narrator, of course, overseeing the stories of her sisters' lives. She knew everything that went on, of course, and watched it all with a sort of detachment. It wasn't her story, she had no need for a story. But she loved keeping up with her sisters'.

Relief that she truly had a place, a purpose, filled her and nearly caused her to laugh out loud in a most inappropriate place in Jo's tale. She smothered her laughter in her sewing, drawing a scowl from Amy and a curious look from Jo.

Beth shook her head, schooling her expression into an appropriately solemn one, as was befitting the ordeal that Edward was going through (five tasks, each progressively more difficult, to prove his love).

Perhaps she would explain it to Jo some day. Of anyone, her authorial sister might understand. But not right away. The narrator didn't intrude on the story, after all.
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Title: W is for Whenever
Fandom/Characters: Star Trek: TNG, Guinan
Rating: G
Words: 200


A "race of listeners" she had told the crew of the Enterprise. A partial truth, at best. A race of observers was closer, but even that was a flat, two-dimensional description of what she was.

She watched. She listened. She learned. She observed. But more than anything, she noticed. She gave meaning to things by acknowledging their existence.

Early in their history, humans had stumbled across the idea that words held power, that Naming something gave it power. They realized the fundamental connection between Naming and Existence. Even later in their history, when their ideas of magic took second place to their ideas of science, they held onto the underlying concept that observing something fundamentally changed it. They never realized how close to the truth they were.

But Guinan did. That was her reason for being, after all. To stand outside of time and acknowledge the whole of existence, to ensure that it would never cease to be. And that was why she was so fundamentally opposed to Q, who could unmake things with merely a thought. He could undermine her whole purpose if he chose. But he didn't. And wouldn't. Not if she had anything to say about it.
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Title: Q is for Questionable
Fandom/Characters: West Wing, Jed, Charlie & Abbey
Rating: G
Words: 100


"You really should eat it, sir."

"And why, exactly, should I do that?"

"Because if you don't, sir, then the First Lady is going to yell at me, and quite frankly, sir, she's scarier than you are."

"Are you sure this is creamed spinach? Because from where I'm sitting it doesn't look like creamed spinach."

"I promise, sir. I'll even try some to confirm, if it would make you feel better."

"You can have the whole thing if you want. I won't tell Abbey if you won't."

"Won't tell me what? Good evening, Charlie. Eat your spinach, Jed."

"Yes, dear."
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Title: X is for Xylophone
Fandom/Charters: Buffyverse, Xander & Willow
Rating: G
Words: 100


"Favorite instrument?" Xander pondered the question. "Maybe the electric guitar. For the cool factor, ya know? - Ow! Hey! Whatcha hit me for?"

"Don't lie, Xander!" Willow said.

"I'm not lying!"

"You are too. I know what your favorite instrument was in 2nd grade. And it wasn't a guitar."

Xander buried his head in his hands. He occasionally forgot that Willow was privy to nearly all of his secrets.

Buffy leaned forward eagerly. "So what was is, Wil?"

"The xylophone. Because he was so excited to find an instrument that matched his name."

"They sound cool too," Xander protested defensively.
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Title: S is for Spit-Take
Fandom/Characters: NCIS, Kate & Tony
Rating: G
Words: 100


She timed her statement carefully, casually leaning back and slightly to the side as she said "Oh, by the way, Mandy says hi."

As expected, a spray of fine coffee-flavored mist flew through the space she had occupied moments before.

"Mandy?" Tony's voice squeaked in a most undignified manner. He cleared his throat. "Mandy? Mandy Tonkin? Mandy, as in the girl I dated in Baltimore?" His voice had risen again by the end.

Kate grinned at him unabashedly. "Mandy, Mandy Tonkin, the girl who dumped you two days before your birthday, Mandy Tonkin, my college roommate."

"I am so doomed."
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Title: R is for Ready-Room
Fandom/Characters: ST:TNG, Beverly Crusher
Rating: G
Words: 200


She caught herself mid shirt-tug and let her hands drop. That was his move. She scowled at her reflection on the polished desk and moved out from behind it. Less confrontational that way. She remembered him teaching her that. He'd taught her many things about command, more than he realized. She would need everyone of those tricks if - no. Stop that thought. They would rescue the Captain and the others still on the Borg planet.

The door to the ready-room chimed, and she smoothed her face into a neutral mask. "Enter," she said firmly, just as he always did.

The eager face of Ensign Taitt appeared in the doorway. Did we ever look that young? she wondered, as she allowed her face to relax into a genuine smile.

"Come in, Ensign. I just wanted to congratulate you again. The solar erruption was very well planned and executed. I'll be putting an official commendation in your file."

"Thank you, sir."

"Welcome to the Enterprise, Ensign. Keep it up, and you'll do just fine here."

The smile left her face as soon as she was alone in the room, however, and Beverley wished again for the room's usual occupant to return.
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Title: P is for Penguin
Fandom/Characters: Star Trek: TNG, Worf & Riker
Rating: G
Words: 200


Worf looked back and forth between the small piece of fabric resting on the table and the First Officer who had placed it there.

"What, exactly, is that?" he asked in a tone that suggested he would quickly go from mild-mannered Starfleet officer to raging Klingon warrior if he didn't like the answer.

"A hat." Riker's answer was solemn, but even Worf could hear the laughter in his voice.

"And what is that?" he asked again, this time pointing at the design on the supposed hat.

"A penguin." Now Riker looked slightly puzzled. "A flightless aquatic - Wait. I thought you spent some time on Earth while growing up ? Surely you know what a penguin is."

Worf sighed in exasperation. "Of course I know what a penguin is. This conversation is not proceeding as I had hoped. Let us try again." He paused and then picked up the offending piece of fabric.

"Commander Riker, what exactly do you intend for me to do with this hat that bears the image of a dancing penguin?"

"I intend for you to wear it, Lieutenant."

"That," Worf replied in a resigned tone, "is what I was afraid you were going to say."
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Title: N is for Never
Fandom/Characters: Buffyverse, Spike & Giles
Rating: G
Words: 200


The night was raw and damp, unseasonably cold for southern California. It reminded Spike far too much of London, a feeling he despised even as a small part of him yearned for it.

The house glowed invitingly in the fog and he only hesitated a moment before knocking. Giles opened the door and regarded the vampire thoughtfully. "What do you want?" he eventually asked.

Spike had the grace to look sheepish. "Could I trouble you for a cuppa?"

Giles blinked in surprise and then peered out into the night. "Rather nasty out there isn't? A pot of tea would hit the spot, I suppose." A smirk appeared briefly on his lip and he turned towards the kitchen.

"Er, mate?" Spike called after him.

"Oh very well, come in," Giles called over his shoulder.

Ten minutes later, Spike was sprawled out on the couch, communing with a cup of tea. He took a sip and his eyes closed in pleasure.

"This is the real stuff, ain't it?"

"Imported straight from Twinings. The shipping is horrific, but it is far superior to the dreck they sell over here."

"I am never drinking Liptons again," Spike said blissfully, and Giles chuckled in agreement.
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Title: J is for Jam
Fandom/Characters: NCIS, Ducky
Rating: G
Words: 200


"DiNozzo." Tony's voice was tinny across the cellphone connection.

"Ah, good, Tony. Would you please let Jethro know that I shall be a little tardy in arriving?"

"Sure, Ducky. Is everything okay?"

"Yes, well. I'm in a little bit of a jam here."

"Traffic jam?"

"No, strawberry," Ducky snapped, trying to prevent an SUV from cutting him off.

Across the phone connection, he faintly heard Gibbs ask what was going on and Tony responding something about Ducky being in a terrible accident involving strawberry jam. Louder, Ducky heard Gibbs snap "Gimme that."

"What's going on, Duck?" Gibbs asked clearly into the phone.

"Anthony is suffering from a critical lack of sarcasm comprehension, apparently," Ducky replied, some of his good humor returning. "I'm on the Belt and traffic is a nightmare. I'm afraid I shall be a bit late arriving to your party."

"That's alright, Petty Officer Castiglione isn't going anywhere. See you when you get here."

The abrupt dial tone proved that Gibbs had hung up with his usual efficiency, and Ducky smiled. He turned the radio up and crept his car another few inches forward. Patience and a good radio station were the only way to survive Beltway traffic.
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Title: I is for Insanity
Fandom/Characters: Inception, Ariadne & Arthur
Rating: G
Words: 100


"This is nuts," Ariadne said flatly, crossing her arms and glaring.

Arthur looked up at her and the corners of his mouth twitched. "Says the woman who makes a living designing physically impossible buildings."

Ariadne waved that away. "Beside the point. The point is that it's nuts. It's never going to work. There's no way we can make it believable."

"Arthur, it would involve completely rewriting history! Do you know how much information there is to contract it?"

"No, we just have to rewrite his perception of history. And since it's something he wants to believe anyway. . . "
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Title: H is for Headsails
Fandom/Characters: Pirates, Jack
Rating: G
Words: 200


There were those who said (sometimes with admiration, sometimes with derision) that Jack Sparrow could sail a washtub.

He had never actually tested that claim, although given his current circumstances, he would be tempted to try. He hated sailing under someone else. But Barbossa had cheated his way - erm, make that won fair and square - the right to wear the captain's hat (metaphorical, of course. No one touched his hat.) until the next port.

So Jack sighed and went back to resetting the rigging on the headsails, even though he knew (and had told Barbossa) that he'd just be up here re-resetting them as soon as the storm on the horizon blew in. But Barbossa was captain and therefore, by definition, knew best. Right.

Several hours later, the washtub was sounding better and better, if only because it would be his very own washtub. He was, as predicted, re-resetting the headsails, soaked to the bone, and utterly miserable. Even the promise of warm rum in a dry cabin did little to improve his mood.

"And I could sail the damned tub too," he growled at Barbossa as he dropped to the deck and stalked off to the cabin.
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Title: G is for Goldfish
Fandom/Characters: West Wing, CJ
Rating: G
Words: 200


CJ sprinkled fish flakes across the top of Gail's bowl and felt laughter bubbling up again. It was such an utterly ridiculous present and yet so very sweet. Honestly, who made that kind of mistake?

Shaking her head at the absurdity of it all, she checked her watch. Another hour before she had to go do her song and dance routine in front of the press again. Any amusement she might have felt was quickly swept away. This briefing - and those for the next few days - was not going to be fun. Lillienfield was gunning for Leo, and her own gaff the day before hadn't helped anything. Danny had been right about that.

If she were honest with herself, she had to admit that he was often right. She might be the press secretary, but Danny still had many more years of experience with the Washington press corp.

Thoughts of Danny brought her back to the goldfish at her hip, and this time she gave into the laughter. Really, it wasn't so bad. She had a good friend in the press corp, a good fight to fight and a goldfish named Gail. It could be so much worse.
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Title: F is for Fan
Fandom/Character: Pirates, Jack
Rating: G
Words: 100


It wasn't that he minded the adoration. Having women - and men - fall all over themselves to get to him everytime he entered a port certainly had its advantages. Some would even say he reveled in - or possibly wallowed in - the attention. But it did, occasionally, get tiring. Especially that high pitch keening sound that the girls would sometimes make. He shuddered at the memory. Dreadful.

Perhaps that was why he, almost in spite of himself, began to chase after James Norrington. There was something refreshing, Jack decided, about someone who didn't throw themselves at his feet.
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Title: E is for Elephant
Fandom/Characters: Donna & Josh
Rating: G
Words: 100


"I'm going to see Kandula."

Josh looked up. Donna was standing in his doorway.


Donna exhaled impatiently. "I'm going to see Kandula. You can live without me for a few hours."

"But what about -"

"In the blue folder under your left elbow."

"And - "

"On top of your keyboard."

"But what if - "

"His file is on my chair - it is the ONLY thing on my chair. Unlike some people I could mention." She turned to go.

"Wait - what's Kandula?"

"He is the Zoo's new Asian elephant. And I am going to see him."
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Title: C is for Cooking
Fandom/Characters: NCIS, teamfic
Rating: G
Words: 200


He stands in the doorway of Abby's tiny kitchen and observes the chaos for a moment. Ziva has her hands buried in a bowl of something, but is still managing to fend off Tony's "help". Ducky is examining the carving knife with a consideration that he usually gives his surgical tools. Tim has a frown of concentration on his face as his slices vegetables, and Abby is flitting around, looking like she's trying to be everywhere at once.

"Abs," he says, catching her attention. "What do you need me to do?"

"Here, catch," she says, and tosses him a plastic-wrapped ball of dough. "Ziva's doing the filling."

"Solid top or lattice?" he asks as he flours the marble slab he found on the counter.

He looks up to find everyone staring at him. "What? You've never seen a guy roll out a pie crust before? Back to work people," he snaps, and their conditioning takes over, sending them back to their tasks.

"Uh, lattice if you don't mind," Abby finally responds, after giving him a considering look. She watches him work for a moment, and then comes over and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

"You're the best, Gibbs."
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Title: B is for Book
Fandom/Characters: Buffyverse, Willow
Rating: G
Words: 200


Willow was not a stupid girl. Her teachers would say she was one of their top students. Her parents, when they deigned to notice their daughter, would nod approvingly.

She was Research Girl, second only to Giles at finding the weird, the obscure, the occult. Second only to Miss Calendar at finding the modern, the hidden, the computerized.

No, Willow was not a stupid girl. Which did not stop her from doing something phenomenally dumb.

She knew that Giles kept some of his rare books locked in the cage in the library. The ones he never let her touch, and only let her read from if he was there, reading over her shoulder at the same time.

Well, screw that. She could handle them. She was Research Girl.

The lock was simple enough to pick, even for a novice like her, and she trembled in excitement as she pulled out the book that had been calling to her.

She could feel power pouring off of it as she stroked the spine, and she felt her body humming in response. Unconsciously, she opened herself up to the book and, unaware of the rest of the world, sat down and began reading.


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