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Title: Worth a Thousand Words
Fandom: NCIS with a Young Wizards fusion
Characters: Kate Todd
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Usually, Kate's Wizardry doesn't impact her job. But sometimes, it means the difference between catching a killer and not. Now she just needs to figure out how to explain where this knowledge came from...
Notes: Written for the "fusion" square on my 2013 [community profile] trope_bingo card.
Worth a Thousand Words )
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Title: S is for Spit-Take
Fandom/Characters: NCIS, Kate & Tony
Rating: G
Words: 100


She timed her statement carefully, casually leaning back and slightly to the side as she said "Oh, by the way, Mandy says hi."

As expected, a spray of fine coffee-flavored mist flew through the space she had occupied moments before.

"Mandy?" Tony's voice squeaked in a most undignified manner. He cleared his throat. "Mandy? Mandy Tonkin? Mandy, as in the girl I dated in Baltimore?" His voice had risen again by the end.

Kate grinned at him unabashedly. "Mandy, Mandy Tonkin, the girl who dumped you two days before your birthday, Mandy Tonkin, my college roommate."

"I am so doomed."


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