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Title: Anchor in the Deep
Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Characters/Relationships: Christine Chapel/Roger Korby, McCoy/Jocelyn, and implied McCoy/Chapel
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~3000
Warnings: None
Summary: When the universe shifts, McCoy and Chapel find themselves forced to reevaluate their relationship - if only to keep up appearances.
Notes: Written for the "fake relationship" square on my 2013 [community profile] trope_bingo card.

Thanks, as always, to seren for the beta.

Anchor in the Deep )
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Title: The Little Things
Recipient: [ profile] sleepygoof8784
Characters: Chapel/McCoy
Word Count: ~1600
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes, it was the little things that counted the most.
Notes: Written for the 2012 [ profile] mccoy_chapel holiday exchange. Filling the prompt "The little things, something built around Chapel or McCoy doing little sweet gestures for the other after both a hard day and just because"

The Little Things )
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Title: No Choice At All
Author: [personal profile] velvetmouse
Recipient: [ profile] valoscope
Characters: McCoy/Chapel, Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Joanna McCoy
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~2400
Prompt: Chapel or McCoy performs some kind of act of self-sacrifice for the other. How does s/he respond? Happy endings, whether suggested or blatant, would be nice. Fic, any rating.
Summary: For Christine, it's a no-brain decision. For McCoy, it's incomprehensible.
Notes: I took a few liberties with the "self-sacrifice" thing, so I hope you still enjoy this.
huge thanks to jules for helping me work out the medical details, and to seren for her usual awesome betaing. Any remaining mistakes are my own, despite their best efforts...
Written for the 2010 [ profile] mccoy_chapel Holiday Exchange.

No Choice At All )
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E is for Emergency Ops
Characters: Chapel/McCoy (because I am apparently incapable of writing one without the other)
Word Count: 300
Rating: G

"You've got to. You're the only one qualified to do it."

"Qualified? I never finished my damned MD. I'm certainly not qualified to perform emergency surgery, let alone in these conditions!"

"Dammit, Chapel, you don't have a choice. I know you completed your surgery rotation. Dr. Blanchard showed me his write up of you - the bastard was practically gloating. He wanted to recruit you on the spot. Said you had the steadiest hands since Puri."

Christine Chapel flushed under the praise, but still shook her head. "I can't-"

"You can. And you will. Would you trust anyone else here to do it? None of them have any damned medical training besides first aid."

Christine looked around and her shoulders slumped in defeat. The security officer would be no help, and the pilot and the engineer were busy trying to rig up something to communicate with the Enterprise.

"That's my girl. I can talk you through it, but only if we do this now. If we wait much longer, the toxin will start to effect my speech and vision."

And therein lay the crux of the problem. Bad enough that their shuttle had crashed while delivering medical supplies to the colony. Bad enough that interference from the atmosphere had rendered all communication - let alone transporter function - impossible. But then McCoy had to go and get bitten by a helthinal, a venomous snake native to the world, with the charming adaptation of leaving its fangs behind in its victim. The anti-toxin could only do so much while the two needle-sized fangs were still imbedded in his thigh, happily pumping venom into his bloodstream.

Christine took a deep breath and willed her hands to stop shaking. She then gently caressed the doctor's face. "Alright, love. Tell me where to start."
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Title: Emergency Recall
Characters: McCoy/Chapel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 423
Notes: Written as comment fic in [ profile] mccoy_chapel

"Oh god. I thought I'd never get out of there," she murmured against his lips.

His chuckle reverberated through her as his lips crushed against hers. "That bad?"

She broke away from the kiss and banged her head lightly against his chest. "You have no idea. I adore Gaila, but god. She was determined to give Ny the 'perfect' hen night. She must have gone through every brides maid handbook written in the last three centuries, and pulled out every. single. game or activity she could find."

"Quizzes? Advice? Drinking games? Making a fake bouquet out of all the ribbons from the presents?"

Christine looked up into her lover's face and blinked in astonishment. "Do I want to know how you know about all of that stuff?"

"I have a female cousin who's my age. We grew up more as twins than cousins. I was the one she called when half her bridal party was on the verge of alcohol poisoning after her hen night. I got to hear all about it."

"You never cease to surprise me. And I think I would like this cousin of yours."

Leonard winced slightly but did not lose the smile on his face. "Yeah, somehow I think you and Trish would get along just fine. Maybe the next time we're back on Earth. . ."

"So how was your night? Do we need to give Pike a heads up about any interstellar incidents?"

"Actually, it was one of the tamest nights out that Jim Kirk has ever planned. I was amazed. It was actually almost . . . pleasant."

"I'm sorry I dragged you away from it then."

"Don't be," he said, and kissed her again. "I'll take a night with you over steaks, cigars and strippers any time."

She pulled back again in astonishment. "You mean he actually got Spock to agree to strippers? How. . . illogical."

"Never under estimate Jim's persuasive powers. Especially when he trots out those baby blue eyes. Even the damned Vulcan can't resist."

"But - " She was cut off by a forceful kiss.

"Enough talking. I kept picturing you dancing up there, and I've been squirming in my seat for the last hour."

"Remind me to thank Geoff," she said several hours later, "for arranging those emergency recall notices for both of us."

"Already got him a bottle of that brandy he likes," Leonard said sleepily.

Christine snuggled up against his side, content that tonight at least, they would likely be able to share a bed without interruption.
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Title: Home Before Dark
Author: [personal profile] velvetmouse
Team: McChapel (Chapel/McCoy)
Beta: the amazing and awesome [ profile] seren_ccd
Rating: PG
Warnings: use and abuse of fairy tales
Prompt: ST_Respect ship wars Round 5 - Fairy Tales
Word Count: 4033
Disclaimer: Not mine. So sad. Occasional references and lyrics from Into the Woods, which isn't mine either.
Home Before Dark )
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Title: Morning Surprise
Author: [personal profile] velvetmouse
Fandom/Characters: Reboot; Chapel/McCoy, Kirk
Rating: PG
Summary: It wasn't that Jim was shocked to see them; he was just shocked to see them like that.
Notes: Sequel to Taking Control

For [ profile] seren_ccd, because she asked for it. :-)
Morning Surprise )
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Title: Taking Control
Author: [personal profile] velvetmouse
Fandom/Characters: Reboot; Chapel & McCoy
Rating: PG
Summary: One man's loss is another man's gain
Notes: Takes place in the same universe as Lady-like and Paradise Lost, but all three may be read independently. Chronologically, this takes place immediately after section III in Lady-like.

For [ profile] seren_ccd, who was having a crappy day and needs some pre-Ch/Mc to make her smile. :-)

Taking Control )
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Title: Paradise Lost
Author: [personal profile] velvetmouse
Characters/Fandom: Christine Chapel, Star Trek XI (Reboot)
Rating: PG, for mild language and innuendo
Warnings: Spoilers for the movie; references to TOS
Word Count: 6461
Prompt: 29) Suddenly I laugh and at the same time cry / And in pleasure many a grief endure / My happiness wanes and yet it lasts unchanged / All at once I dry up and grow green -- Louise Labé (circa 1520/1522 - 1566), 16th-century French poet of the Renaissance.
Summary: Sometimes hell can sneak up on you; other times, it announces itself with bells and whistles.
Notes: Written for the Fall 2009 [ profile] femgenficathon. Many many thanks to my awesome betas, [ profile] fringedweller, who patiently corrected my newbie mistakes, and Sherry, who is, as always, the other half of my brain.
Paradise Lost )
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Title: Lady-like
Author: [personal profile] velvetmouse
Character: Christine Chapel, Reboot universe; mentions of past Chapel/Korby, implied Chapel/McCoy
Rating: PG-13 for, well, swearing
Prompt: 23. I swear… when it's appropriate.
Word Count: 876
Notes: Written for the Best Damn Drabble Fest in the 'verse at [ profile] where_no_woman
Lady-like )


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